Septic Pumping

There are few things that are as problematic and more expensive than septic issues, and we often don’t think about it until it is too late. We offer clean, professional and timely pumping services to residential and commercial customers.

If your septic system is backed up, causing you problems, or is due to be pumped out, contact the experts at Bradford Septic today to have our certified technicians help make sure your septic system is working properly. Give us a call today at 603-938-5033.

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Maintenance Tips To Ensure a Long Lasting, Effective Septic System

Holding tanks and septic systems need regular maintenance to continue working efficiently. Here are a few do's and dont's to make sure your system lasts.


  • Only put biodegradable wastes into your
    septic system.
  • Make sure water from you roof, gutters and foundation does not drain into your system.
  • Keep your septic tank cover accessible for inspections and pumping.
  • Have your tank pumped regularly, at least every three years.


  • Flush non-biodegradable products like, cigarette butts, cotton swabs, tampons, diapers, etc.
  • Poison your system with solvents, oil, paint, or pesticides which can kill bacteria necessary to
    your septic system.
  • Empty hot tubs or whirlpools, especially if they are chlorinated.
  • Wait for signs of failure, it might be too late.